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What Makes Our Jerky Special?

A Unique Process! 

We slice high quality beef thin so you're not chewing for days. We then generously marinate our thinly sliced strips for a full savory flavor.


Here's what really separates us:

  • Jerky is not always the easiest snack to eat, but when it’s made right, it can be absolutely delicious and satisfying. That’s why we pay such close attention to making sure each bite of our jerky is as delicious as can be.


  • We slow cook our jerky for 16 hours at high humidity to melt the fat and tenderize the meat. mmm… Then we dehydrate it to perfect texture and ship it fresh to your door. Read more about our history and process here


  • At Natural State Jerky, we personally hand craft every piece of beef jerky with care and attention. From a humble shop in the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, to your door, you can expect a quality, personally-crafted, and delicious experience.


  • Our jerky is lean, high quality beef. Jerky has a much smaller range of flavors than steak because all the flavor comes from one piece of meat (instead of an entire cow). The result is more natural and less processed than meat that’s been ground into patties and sold in supermarkets.


  • Our grass-fed gourmet beef snacks are made with no artificial ingredients, added hormones, antibiotics, MSG, nitrites, or nitrates.


  • Jerky is known for being the perfect protein snack. Maybe that’s why there are so many jerky brands on the market. But, there is one thing all jerky brands have in common - they use a sodium-packed process to make their products. All of them! You may need to read more about Beef Jerky Recipes in Dehydrator.


  • If you’ve ever had Salt & Vinegar Jerky before, then you know what we’re talking about. Most jerky brands have some sort of seasoning or vinegar in their products, but ours has it all - pepper, salt and garlic! That makes ours distinctive from other brands.


We don’t just say it either because our customers repeatedly tell us how much they love it. After tasting ours, would you want any other?

Try one of our new Original flavors or explore our most popular Peppered Beef Jerky options, and see what makes our jerky so special!

Natural State Jerky promises to offer a flavorful gourmet product and fantastic customer service. 

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